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Tnet Mail Email Transition FAQ

Can I use my spam filtered account during the transition?

YES, keep using your account as you normally would everyday until we notify you.

Will I lose my email address?

No!  Your email address will not change.

How do I access my account after the switchover?

If you login via webmail nothing will change at all in how you access your account.

If you access your email via a mail client like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, these clients will automatically grab the correct settings to make it as painless as possible to set up.

Smartphones will require some settings changes, but we’ll have detailed guides on our website to help you out.

What in my account will be migrated?

Your email and contacts will be migrated to the new platform.

Can I access my new account now?

No, we will notify you when your new account becomes available.

How much time is required to set up my account?

You’ll be able to master the basics — sending and receiving email and viewing and scheduling meetings — very quickly. If you are using an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, you will need to remove and add the account again fresh.  It will automatically pull the correct settings for you and synchronize your mail again.  You may reference our configuration guide to walk you through the configuration settings if you run into any problems.  And you can always just give us a call at 573-443-3983, and we’ll walk you through it over the phone.


Columbia Family Medical Group: Providing Care to Generations of Families

CFMG Entrance

Columbia Family Medical Group’s welcoming atmosphere is obvious, even through their entrance door.

Upon entering the Columbia Family Medical Group office, visitors and patients are welcomed by a helping hands quilt hanging proudly just inside the door. Created by CFMG staff members at the time of their 25th anniversary, the quilt is covered with appliqued hands signed by physicians and nurse practitioners past, one of whom is still present, representing the helping hands of the CFMG family.

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Working with Techies and Creatives Together in the Same Office

Tranquility & MayeCreate: Techies & Creatives

This photo was taken for our November 2013 issue of Data & Design.

Here at 307 Locust St, we have a special arrangement: Tranquility Internet, an Internet service provider, and MayeCreate Design, a web and graphic design company, share an office space. That’s right, techies and creatives coming together to work in the same space. This is how both sides not only manage but thrive in such an environment.

When Communicating Paint a Picture, Don’t Give a Task

Don’t just give your employees the steps needed to get from point A to point B. Instead tell them the story of what you want. Explain how you want a project to feel or what problem needs solved. By doing this, you give them more room to solve the problem in their own way, more room to explore. They’ll be more creative, motivated and fast at solving your problem.

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Tnetmail to Gmail Sign-In Transition

You may have noticed…

You may have noticed a change in the way you sign into your spam-filtered email account.  Our normal Tranquility-branded sign-in page is now being redirected to Gmail’s sign-in page.  This is a change Google has been rolling out to every business customer, and it is consistent for all users as of March 1, 2014.

New Gmail login screen for Tranquility e-mail users

This change will not affect your email address, inbox, contacts, or any other aspect of your spam-filtered Tranquility email account.  The only change will be to the way in which you sign in.

Previously, you simply had to enter your username and password to sign in.  In the future, you will need to enter your full address.  In general, this will be your username followed by  For example:

If you’ve previously logged in with:

Username: johnsmith
Password: hunter2

You must now log in with:

Password: hunter2

Note that your password will not change.  In the event this username does not work, your account may have a unique configuration – don’t hesitate to give us a call at 573-443-3983 and one of our technical support staff will be able to assist you.

Boone County Fire Protection District: A Helping Hand.


In the early 60’s, just west of Columbia, there was a fire that claimed the house and life of an old woman. At the time, there was no official fire protection outside the city of Columbia, People were taking notice, and people wanted to help.

The Start of It All

It was a group of CB radio enthusiasts who endured the agony of the situation, unable to provide qualified help, and became determined to offer fire and rescue protection to the citizens outside the city limits. Pat Barnes, one of the founders of the Boone County Fire Protection District, was one of these CB enthusiasts. He gathered others and together they formed the Central Missouri Radio Squad, which later became the Boone County Volunteer Fire Department. In 1970, by a citizens’ vote, the Boone County Fire Protection District was officially formed.

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Vox Magazine Breaks Down Columbia Wi-Fi

Vox Magazine recently featured Tranquility in a piece where they explained the history of Wi-Fi in Columbia. The article discusses current Internet services in the area and future plans for a Wi-Fi expansion project.

“In March 2010, the City of Columbia made a bid to test out Google Fiber, an experimental, ultrahigh-speed fiber optic Internet service. Columbia lost the bid but came very close to being selected, says Justin Giles, one of the hosts of KOPN’s Tech Radio program.

Now, Columbia is preparing to set up a downtown Wi-Fi network that will last for six months. The project will provide a network that delivers Internet access for all users within the area. The perimeter of the area includes:

*Ninth Street from Ash to mid-block between University Avenue and Elm
*Courthouse Square (on North Eighth Street)
*Broadway from Fourth to just east of Hitt
*Flat Branch Park”

To read more about the future of Wi-Fi in Columbia, visit the article here:

Meet Our New Office Assistant.

There’s a new face at the office! Stephanie Sanders joined the Tranquility team this month as our new office assistant. She’s here to help the customers and keep the employees in order. Here’s a few words from Stephanie about herself:

Meet Stephanie“Hi, I’m Stephanie Sanders. I graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia in 2009.  I received my bachelors degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Although I love cooking for a living, it became too much when my daughter arrived early last year.  She is my world, and I have made career changes into the internet business to better support my daughter. I’m very excited about being part of the Tranquility team and hope that I can make your experience with us a little easier!”

Come into Tranquility at 307 Locust today to meet Stephanie. She and the rest of the team would be happy to take care of your Internet needs.

Calling All Techs! We’re Hiring!

Join the Tranquility Internet Pit CrewWe’re seeking a skilled new Tech to join our dedicated team.  It’s a full time gig with benefits and a great work environment.  To apply please email, send your resume and cover letter and we’ll get started with a short phone interview.

What does it take to be a member of our Internet pit crew?

Take a look at our job description to see if you have what it takes.

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A Holiday Letter from Our Family to Yours.

That little jokester called New Years seems to have popped out of the shadows and surprised us again. We hope that the little 3 that will soon be tacked on the end of 201 doesn’t have you down in the gutters this holiday season. We wanted to take this seasonal opportunity to share all of the fabulous things our little office family has done over the past year.

We had a few births at the office.

Click on the image to enlarge it and see what the MayeCreate and Tranquility office has been up to this year.

No, Stacy didn’t have her baby in the conference room, but she did have a lovely baby boy, Owen Brockmeier on October 19th.

We brought a new Tranquility website into the world in August. He’s a beautiful little baby–with the perfect amount of white space. We gave him some toy trucks to play with. Okay, so they’re transportation icons, but close enough.

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Get Technologically Fit this Summer.

By now, most people have forgotten their New Years resolutions. Summer offers an opportunity to break from your old routine, though. If you have a summer resolution to become more tech savvy, then Tranquility has the scoop on how to help you achieve your goal before the fall season comes around. Here’s a list of technology workshops offered in Columbia during the summer season:

MayeCreate Design’s Lunch and Learn Workshops

MayeCreate Summer WorkshopsTranquility’s sister company, MayeCreate, does website and print design for clients locally and throughout the Midwest. This summer, MayeCreate is offering its annual Lunch and Learn series of hands-on workshops geared to expand attendees’ digital horizons. Lunch from the Bread Basket Cafe is also served during the workshops. Classes take place the second Wednesday of the month at the MayeCreate office, 307 Locust downtown Columbia. The remaining workshops for this summer are Under the Hood of Google Analytics and Flash Back to WordPress.

Cost per class: $20-25

View the Schedule and Register >

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