About Tranquility Internet: Your internet pit crew chief.

Our business was built on kind words and customer service.

We don’t expect you to know how to operate everything. We speak Tech-an-ese and English so you don’t have to know both. When you call us for help we won’t put you on hold or transfer you to an automated voice system. We want to solve whatever the problem may be, and we want to do it with character, not computerization.

We listen to your needs and match them to the service that will suit you best.

We’re not a used car salesman on a beat-up lot trying to sell you a vehicle you don’t need – or want. We listen to your speed needs, whether it’s a grocery-getter for grandma or a speed racer for Joe-on-the-go. No matter your preference, we’ll find the make and model for you to test drive and decide.

We’re Experts

Internet is imperative to our daily routines in today’s world. We get that. We have been meeting and exceeding Internet service expectations in the Columbia and Jefferson City areas since 1997.

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