Working with Techies and Creatives Together in the Same Office

Tranquility & MayeCreate: Techies & Creatives

This photo was taken for our November 2013 issue of Data & Design.

Here at 307 Locust St, we have a special arrangement: Tranquility Internet, an Internet service provider, and MayeCreate Design, a web and graphic design company, share an office space. That’s right, techies and creatives coming together to work in the same space. This is how both sides not only manage but thrive in such an environment.

When Communicating Paint a Picture, Don’t Give a Task

Don’t just give your employees the steps needed to get from point A to point B. Instead tell them the story of what you want. Explain how you want a project to feel or what problem needs solved. By doing this, you give them more room to solve the problem in their own way, more room to explore. They’ll be more creative, motivated and fast at solving your problem.

Be Honest About Your Skills and Shortcomings

If you are both a creative and tech-skilled person, then you are one among few.  When you are working with a group of people with a wide variety of skills, it’s okay not to possess all of the same skills. Be honest to your team when you are asked about something outside of your skill-set. Chances are they’ll be happy to explain and appreciate your honesty.

Get Together

If you’re having trouble understanding each other, get your team together outside of normal work hours. Your team will appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and will be able to get to know each other better. If you have a team with a lot of differences, this is a great way to create understanding.

Hold Team Trainings

Tranquility and MayeCreate hold separate team trainings for sessions related to their industries, but some of our team trainings include everyone. These trainings cover issues such as teamwork, goal-setting and other related topics. We also have employees complete the DISC profile assessment which gives a report on their personality type. We educate our team on these personality types and how to work with people who are different than themselves.

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