Columbia Family Medical Group: Providing Care to Generations of Families

CFMG Entrance

Columbia Family Medical Group’s welcoming atmosphere is obvious, even through their entrance door.

Upon entering the Columbia Family Medical Group office, visitors and patients are welcomed by a helping hands quilt hanging proudly just inside the door. Created by CFMG staff members at the time of their 25th anniversary, the quilt is covered with appliqued hands signed by physicians and nurse practitioners past, one of whom is still present, representing the helping hands of the CFMG family.

Since 1976

Columbia Family Medical Group was started over 35 years ago by a duo of physicians, just out of residency, with a mission statement that remains true to this day: provide comprehensive quality medical care at a reasonable cost to patients.

“They’re really a quintessential group of physicians,” explains Eva Trabue, CFMG Director of Operations.

Patients Over Generations

The dedication to patient care CFMG provides is clear: families come back through generations.

“The beauty of Columbia Family Medical Group is we can provide for the whole family,” Eva says, thoughtfully. “I think one of the best things about this practice is we see generations of patients. You can all come in at the same time or separately. Everyone knows which physician to call for whatever they need.”

Several of the physicians have been with CFMG for 20 years; Dr. George Prica, Jr., M.D., is currently in his 35th year.

“The doctors are now seeing children of patients they delivered themselves!” exclaims Eva, laughing.

Medical Services

The six physicians of CFMG provide a range of medical services including: annual physicals, baby and well child checks, allergy testing and treatment of acute and chronic aliments.

“Basically, we cover the full gamut,” says Eva, smiling.

While all of the CFMG physicians are all family practice MDs, they do each have a specific interest in which they enjoy treating such as mental health, women’s wellness and children care.

“When new patients calls,” explains Eva, “we try and fit them with a physician whom they can connect to.”

Reliable Convenience

A physician is on-call 24/7; when the phone rings at CFMG the nurses and physicians who answer do the best they can to provide patients with care that same day.

Illnesses and ailments know no schedule; because of this, CFMG has hours past typical physicians’ offices; Saturday mornings, between the hours of 9am and 11:30am, a physician will be available for walk-in patients.

“It’s really for Friday evenings, if your child is just not feeling good,” explains Eva, “or for those who wake up Saturday morning feeling ill and you think they may need an antibiotic. Just walk in and we’ll see you and send you on your way.”

Columbia Family Medical Group

CFMG offers NextMD to their patients allowing easy online bill pay and other services.

NextGen & NextMD

Adding ease and efficiency to the office, CFMG utilizes NextGen, an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, to safely store a patient’s medical history. With access to records from any of their office tablets and computers, physicians and nurses save valuable time usually spent searching through paper records.

Within NextGen is NextMD, an online patient portal allowing patients access to a variety of options including online bill pay, medication lists, prescription refill and appointment requests, even results of previous exams and lab work.

“It’s a really convenient service,” says Eva. “It’s one way we send info to the patient. Once lab results are back we send it to the patient portal and the patients gets an email stating, ‘You have a message on the NextMD portal. Please sign in to check it.’”

A Solid ConnectionThe dedication to patient care CFMG provides is clear: families come back through generations.

The medical world is constantly evolving and utilizing more and more comprehensive software and technology. Upon the addition of the NextGen software, CFMG’s Internet speed needed a boost.

At the recommendation of Jesse Yankee, owner of EasyPC, Eva set up a meeting with Tranquility Internet General Manager, Travis Schumacher.

“We liked the fact Tranquility is local,” explains Eva. “I needed an explanation about why their service was the better way to go and quite frankly, several other people recommended Tranquility because they were really happy with them.”

CFMG has been with Tranquility since 2009, starting out with 3MB Metro Dedicated Internet service (DIA), and later upgrading to 20 MB DIA and 20 MB Ethernet Transport to support their software upgrades.

Columbia Family Medical Group

Since the Tranquility upgrade, CFMG’s Internet is faster than ever.

Dedicated Internet Access

“It was really an easy experience,” describes Eva of the initial installation and setup of their Internet. “We made the decision; the install happened.”

There have been many successful improvements in the day to day operations of CFMG since their Internet upgrades.

“Before, we hesitated to multitask using both screens,” Eva explains, gesturing to her computer monitors, “Now, I can have several things open. We don’t have to think about it, we can just open what we need and get on with our work. That’s one of the greatest improvements.”

Patient check-in time has improved exponentially and now programs open easily, increasing overall productivity.

“You don’t think about the 5 seconds it could take for a window to open,” says Eva, “but that adds up. You begin to notice real time.”

Down-to-Earth Customer Service

High speed Internet is just one of the services Tranquility provides. The Tranquility staff knows not everyone is a techie; they take the extra time to patiently explain technical aspects customers may not fully understand.

“Travis is kind of an educator,” laughs Eva. “I’m not a computer person; I’m still amazed I can see it at the office AND at home! When I ask questions, he’s very open to explaining how things work.”

When a customer calls Tranquility they’re connected to a person; if the same customer calls back, they generally speak with the same customer service rep. The staff at Tranquility is aware how painful being placed on hold can be, especially having to explain their situation over and over to different people.

“We had a small issue,” explains Eva, “and I had to make several phone calls to Tranquility. I got to speak to the same person each time and I would get calls back from that same person with updates.”

With foundations built on family values, Columbia Family Medical Group provides health care to generations of families while family-owned Tranquility provides for the well-being of their Internet.

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