A Holiday Letter from Our Family to Yours.

That little jokester called New Years seems to have popped out of the shadows and surprised us again. We hope that the little 3 that will soon be tacked on the end of 201 doesn’t have you down in the gutters this holiday season. We wanted to take this seasonal opportunity to share all of the fabulous things our little office family has done over the past year.

We had a few births at the office.

Click on the image to enlarge it and see what the MayeCreate and Tranquility office has been up to this year.

No, Stacy didn’t have her baby in the conference room, but she did have a lovely baby boy, Owen Brockmeier on October 19th.

We brought a new Tranquility website into the world in August. He’s a beautiful little baby–with the perfect amount of white space. We gave him some toy trucks to play with. Okay, so they’re transportation icons, but close enough.

We also gave birth to an inner-office wiki site for MayeCreate Design. She’s good at helping us out around the house, but she doesn’t play too well with others.

We traveled the USA as a family.

Travis Schumacher, Tranquility’s General Manager, went on a visit to San Diego for a Google Apps Partner Meet-Up in July, which is way cooler than most other tangible places.

On April 16-17, Monica and Marie, MayeCreate’s senior graphic designer, went to the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. As visiting professionals at the annual Creative Engine, they mentored design students creating work for nonprofits. In May, the same traveling duo went to a workflow conference sponsored by Adobe in Kansas City. They got neat badges and learned lots of cool stuff.

At the end of August, the Schumacher family hosted the MayeCreate and Tranquility family to use their lake condo for a company retreat. We bonded over barbeque, boat rides and Megan Schumacher’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

We love coming home to our office.

After almost two years of living at 307 Locust, we’re really feeling at home in our office space. Recently we renovated by clearing out the junk pile in the extra office.

We bought a powerful new vacuum with pink accents. While tidying up, we flipped a breaker which shut off power to interoffice file and phone servers. We saw our lives flash before our eyes, but thank goodness for backup power! So here’s our little bit of advice for the year: Vacuums can be dangerous. In your rush of excitement about getting a new one, don’t forget to check which outlets connect to each other.

May your stockings be stuffed, your table be plentiful and all of that poppycock. We look forward to reading your lovely Christmas letters too!

From our family to yours,

MayeCreate and Tranquility

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