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Pause Your Inbox Over the Holidays.

If you’re looking for a way to escape from your email during the holidays, we may have found the perfect solution. INBOX PAUSE calls itself, “the paradigm-shiftingest, game-changingest email innovation of 2012!” While we wouldn’t go that far with our excitement, we do think it’s a handy little tool to minimize distractions in your life.

Pause Your Inbox.

This Gmail add-on places a pause button in your Tnet Mail or Gmail. When you click the pause button, new emails will stop arriving in your inbox. Instead, they will be sent to and held under a special label until you click on the blue unpause button in your Gmail.

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How to Use Google+ Hangouts to Keep in Touch During the Holidays.

The holidays are just around the corner and at times it’s hard to get all those family members together in one location. Well Google has the solution for you. Google+ is Google’s new social networking tool.

Google+ allows you to video chat, IM chat,  watch YouTube videos together and more. Up to 10 of your friends and family members can be in a hangout at a time. This proves helpful if you have multiple family members or friends across the country. Your friends and family members can be placed in customizable circles and you can choose to “Hang Out” with them.

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Compare Google Documents with the New Google Drive.

In April, Google launched Google Drive as a replacement for Google Documents, but not everyone has converted yet. The new program has been compared to Dropbox, which allows you to store and share your documents online and edit them offline.

If you’re still using Google Documents with your Tnet Mail account, you should consider switching over to Google Drive. It does have it’s shortcomings in comparison to Dropbox, but offers an improvement over Google Documents. View the comparison of features between Google Drive and Google Documents below, to decide which one is right for you:

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Get Technologically Fit this Summer.

By now, most people have forgotten their New Years resolutions. Summer offers an opportunity to break from your old routine, though. If you have a summer resolution to become more tech savvy, then Tranquility has the scoop on how to help you achieve your goal before the fall season comes around. Here’s a list of technology workshops offered in Columbia during the summer season:

MayeCreate Design’s Lunch and Learn Workshops

MayeCreate Summer WorkshopsTranquility’s sister company, MayeCreate, does website and print design for clients locally and throughout the Midwest. This summer, MayeCreate is offering its annual Lunch and Learn series of hands-on workshops geared to expand attendees’ digital horizons. Lunch from the Bread Basket Cafe is also served during the workshops. Classes take place the second Wednesday of the month at the MayeCreate office, 307 Locust downtown Columbia. The remaining workshops for this summer are Under the Hood of Google Analytics and Flash Back to WordPress.

Cost per class: $20-25

View the Schedule and Register >

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Windows Explorer FTP

1. Click on “Start” and then “My Computer”

2. In the address bar type “ftp:// and then the host address that we provided to you” and hit “enter”

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Personalize Your Gmail or Tnet Mail Background.

When you’re at work, you see your email inbox almost as often as your desktop. You couldn’t personalize your Gmail or Tnet Mail inbox background in the past, but now Google is allowing users to upload or link their own images to use as a background – similarly to your desktop. Impress your coworkers by following the steps below. Will you put a picture of your family as your inbox, or do you have any other special interests?

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Eight Things You Should Know About Windows 8.

Windows 8 is very confrontational about its new features. A mere glance at the interface cues users in to the future identity of Windows. The yet unreleased operating system is an attempt at more integration, easier usage and better touchscreen compatibility. Here are eight things that everyone should know about the newest version of Windows:

1. There’s a start screen, not a start menu.

A full-sized start screen has replaced the old stand-by start menu. When you log in, you will see an array of tiles. These tiles will display your contacts, the weather, a calendar preview, your favorite websites, your photos albums, etc. The content of the start screen is highly customizable, and you can organize and group your tiles. Like the start menu, the start screen has a section for promoted programs. However, the start menu only includes pinned programs rather than recently used programs in this list. That makes the menu more consistent. The tiles are updated in real time.

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Choose the Best Browser for Your Internet Needs.

Choosing an Internet browser can be overwhelming. There are constant technology breakthroughs and advocates of different browsers pulling consumers in all different directions. Below is a list of the top five most common web browsers with a summary of each. All browsers have their good and bad qualities. It’s just about finding what is right for you and your device.

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How Google’s New Privacy Policy Impacts Users.

Google’s new privacy policy has been in effect for over a month now, but there’s still some confusion surrounding the changes. In summary, all information will now be centralized for each user into a single profile. Before the new policy, each Google service-from Gmail to Google Scholar-had it’s own privacy terms.

Google provides a page describing and listing their new terms and policies on their website. To get a better understanding of how these changes affect users, though, it is important to look at both the benefits of the new policy and the harms.

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Be Lazy and Resourceful. Use Tnetmail and Gmail’s Canned Responses.

This tip is for the lazy at heart.

Or perhaps just the resourceful. You can use the Canned Responses feature in Gmail or Tnetmail to send pre-composed emails to similar inquiries. So if you’re tired of typing up the same email for the millionth time or don’t want to go copy/paste it yet again, pay attention. Tranquility found an easy solution:

  1. Click on the wheel symbol in the upper right corner of your screen. A drop down menu will appear. Choose Settings.
  2. In the menu across the top of the screen, choose Labs.

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