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Mozilla Thunderbird Email Setup


To set up email on Thunderbird, follow these steps:

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Email Plus Outlook 2013 Setup


To access your email in Outlook 2010 or 2013, follow these steps:

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Email Plus Outlook 2007 Setup


To access your email in Outlook 2007, follow these steps:

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Email Plus Mac Mail Setup


To set up your Email Plus Account on Apple Mail, follow these simple steps:

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Email Plus iOS Setup


To set up Email Plus on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to receive Mail, Contacts and Calendars, follow these steps:

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Email Plus Android Setup


To set up your Email Plus account on an Android phone or tablet, follow these steps:

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Tnet Mail Email Transition FAQ

Can I use my spam filtered account during the transition?

YES, keep using your account as you normally would everyday until we notify you.

Will I lose my email address?

Yes and No. Your email address will become  Your will no longer be available for our spam filtered users.  Rest assured that all email sent to your email address will be forwarded to your account so that you won’t miss a message.  We’ve decided to move in this direction to make it easier to setup from an end user and administrative standpoint.

Will I still be able to access my account after the switchover?

No, once your account has been switched you will no longer be able to access your account.  If something is not there that should be, please contact our support staff so that they can retrieve it for you.

What in my account will be migrated?

Your email, contacts and calendars that are stored on Google’s servers will be migrated to the new platform.  Any items that are not stored on Google’s servers will be migrated automatically for you.

Can I access my new account now?

No, we will notify you when your new account becomes available.

How much time is required to set up my account?

You’ll be able to master the basics — sending and receiving email and viewing and scheduling meetings — very quickly. If you are using an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird you will need to reference our configuration guide to walk you through the configuration settings.  If you have any trouble just give us a call, 573-443-3983, and we’ll walk you through it over the phone.

I’m using Google Drive, what’s going to happen to my files stored there?

Unfortunately, these files will not be migrated to our new email system.  However, we can assist you to upgrade to a Google Apps for Business account that will allow you to continue to use the Google Drive service.  After upgrading you can share or upload your existing files into your the new account.  If you do not plan to upgrade to Google Apps for Business please visit the following  website  and export your files so that you can download them to your computer for safe keeping.

Columbia Family Medical Group: Providing Care to Generations of Families

CFMG Entrance

Columbia Family Medical Group’s welcoming atmosphere is obvious, even through their entrance door.

Upon entering the Columbia Family Medical Group office, visitors and patients are welcomed by a helping hands quilt hanging proudly just inside the door. Created by CFMG staff members at the time of their 25th anniversary, the quilt is covered with appliqued hands signed by physicians and nurse practitioners past, one of whom is still present, representing the helping hands of the CFMG family. Read More »

Six Signs Your Hard Drive is About to Crash.

Your computer is made up of hardware and software. Software determines how you interact with your computer, but hardware determines if your computer works. At some point, your hard drive – the piece of hardware responsible for storing and retrieving digital information – will eventually die.

According to Backblaze, 80 percent of hard drives last for four years or more. Most hard drive failures come completely unexpected for the computer owner. Here are six signs that can tip you off to an impending hard drive crash:

1. Computer Crashes


Computer crashes come in many forms and even colors. Sudden reboots are a sign of a possible hard drive failure. As is the blue screen of death, when your computer screen turns blue, freezes and may require rebooting. A strong sign of a hard drive failure is a computer crash when you are trying to access files. If your computer crashes when you are trying to open a file, that’s a good sign that the piece of hardware holding the information on your computer – aka your hard drive – is facing difficulties.

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Working with Techies and Creatives Together in the Same Office

Tranquility & MayeCreate: Techies & Creatives

This photo was taken for our November 2013 issue of Data & Design.

Here at 307 Locust St, we have a special arrangement: Tranquility Internet, an Internet service provider, and MayeCreate Design, a web and graphic design company, share an office space. That’s right, techies and creatives coming together to work in the same space. This is how both sides not only manage but thrive in such an environment.

When Communicating Paint a Picture, Don’t Give a Task

Don’t just give your employees the steps needed to get from point A to point B. Instead tell them the story of what you want. Explain how you want a project to feel or what problem needs solved. By doing this, you give them more room to solve the problem in their own way, more room to explore. They’ll be more creative, motivated and fast at solving your problem. Read More »

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