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Vox Magazine Breaks Down Columbia Wi-Fi

Vox Magazine recently featured Tranquility in a piece where they explained the history of Wi-Fi in Columbia. The article discusses current Internet services in the area and future plans for a Wi-Fi expansion project.

“In March 2010, the City of Columbia made a bid to test out Google Fiber, an experimental, ultrahigh-speed fiber optic Internet service. Columbia lost the bid but came very close to being selected, says Justin Giles, one of the hosts of KOPN’s Tech Radio program.

Now, Columbia is preparing to set up a downtown Wi-Fi network that will last for six months. The project will provide a network that delivers Internet access for all users within the area. The perimeter of the area includes:

*Ninth Street from Ash to mid-block between University Avenue and Elm
*Courthouse Square (on North Eighth Street)
*Broadway from Fourth to just east of Hitt
*Flat Branch Park”

To read more about the future of Wi-Fi in Columbia, visit the article here:

Introducing Google Keep to Keep Your Notes in One Place.

Google wants to change the way you take notes. And it plans to do so with its new service called Google Keep, a note-taking app that works across your devices and allows you to take notes at the drop of a hat.

Google Keep can be downloaded on devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. Once it is downloaded to multiple devices, your notes sync across those devices. The notes are also stored in Google Drive, where you can access, edit and even create notes. Read More »

A Guide to Data Protection for Small Businesses.

In a typical data outage, small businesses can lose 52% of productivity and 29% of revenue. This tells us data protection isn’t just for large corporations. Make sure that you have a data protection plan in place for your small business. Find out what data you need to protect, train your employees about internet safety and stay up to date with the latest data threats as technology evolves rapidly.

This infographic, which was released by the global computer security company Symantec, shows the 10 most common ways that small businesses put their data at risk. Click for a larger, interactive version of the infographic.

Check out some of our other blog posts for more information about data protection. Take a look at our graph showing you how to choose a secure password, or you can learn how to encrypt your email messages so you aren’t sending unprotected information over an insecure WiFi connection.

Tranquility also offers a small USB device that you can plug into your computer for a secure internet connection when you’re on the go. Read about it here, or call us at at 573-443-5803 for more information.

No More Google Reader.

On March 13, Google announced on it’s Official Blog that it would be phasing out Google Reader in its second spring cleaning. Google Reader is an RSS reading platform that was started in 2005 to help people keep up with the latest updates from their favorite websites. Its faithful user base will need to find an alternative by July 1, when Google Reader will be no more.

We’ve found four alternative RSS readers that may suit your needs. All of these options allow you to easily transfer your Google Reader information over to a new platform: Read More »

Tranquility Featured in Vox Magazine.

The April 11, 2013 issue of Vox Magazine.

The April 11, 2013 issue of Vox Magazine.

Last week, Vox Magazine published a group of articles aimed at decoding Wi-Fi access in Columbia, MO. They provided a guide to the five internet providers in the area, which included Tranquility Internet.

As the listing mentioned, Tranquility is a family-owned business that operates only in Columbia and Ashland. As a local company, we provide genuine, fast customer care. And our prices are comparable to other Internet providers in Columbia.

The article also described how Wi-Fi works, how to access the internet and creative network names. You can read it on Vox’s website.

How to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel.

YouTube offers a great tool for people interested in learning new tech tricks, which is why Tranquility Internet has begun producing a series of how-to videos.

Subscribing to a YouTube channel can keep you up to date with the latest videos updates from your favorite users. This video shows you how to subscribe to a YouTube channel.

For more how-to tech videos, subscribe to the MayeCreate channel. Happy viewing!

Use Your Email Signature as a Marketing Tool.

Sometimes its hard to remember that your email works for you – and that you don’t work for you email. Have you ever thought about the amount of of time you spend composing, reading and incessantly checking your email?

A great way to get a extra mileage out of those messages your sending is by adding a little umph to your email signature. Yes, that little section of contact information that most people ignore.

WiseStamp is an email application for Tnet Mail that could change your perception of email signatures and turn yours into a marketing tool for you or your business. With WiseStamp, you can add  your latest Facebook post, a button to connect the recipient to your LinkedIn profile, a link to your blog, your photo or logo and more.

Getting Started

Open your Chrome or Firefox browser, and go to Click the Free Download button. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. Then, if you are using Firefox, restart your browser.

A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to begin your editing process. Click Start Now.


Read More »

Showcasing Our High Speed Wireless Internet.

2013 Business Expo 003On March 5, Tranquility Internet showed off its internet services at the  Columbia Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase. Visitors at our booth learned all about Tranquility’s high speed wireless internet, which provides secure 4G wireless broadband internet and bypasses the use of phone lines.

People who signed up to prequalify for Tranquility’s high speed wireless internet were entered into a drawing to win a free Xbox. The winner was notified on Friday.

If you missed us at the business showcase, you can still learn more about our high speed wireless internet. Contact us to talk to a Tranquility employee about getting rid of the phone wires holding you or your business down.

Encrypt Emails to Protect Sensitive Information.

Sending sensitive information by email can be dangerous. In the path from your inbox to the recipient’s, the email can be intercepted. If you’re sending the email from a public network or WiFi, it’s even more vulnerable.

The best way to keep sensitive information from being intercepted is to avoid sending it. But if you absolutely must send credit card information, passwords, bank account numbers, social security numbers, medical data or other private information, you should encrypt the email before you send it.

Here are two different tools you can use to encrypt your emails:

SafeGmail for Chrome

To install, visit Read More »

Attachments Made Fast and Easy.

Man, have we got the tip of the week. Tnet Mail and Gmail offer many helpful attachment tools when you create an email. They’ll tell you when you’ve forgotten to add an attachment, allow you to uncheck individual attachments and inform you when your files are too large.

Another helpful tool that many don’t discover unless by accident is the drag to attach capability. Instead of browsing through your computer to attach a document, skip the “Attach a file” button and simply drag your file from your computer to your email as demonstrated in the diagram below. You can pull over multiple files at once to save even more time.


If you’re thinking about changing your email carrier, contact Tranquility today. We offer the features of Gmail with the support of Tranquility.

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