Use Your Email Signature as a Marketing Tool.

Sometimes its hard to remember that your email works for you – and that you don’t work for you email. Have you ever thought about the amount of of time you spend composing, reading and incessantly checking your email?

A great way to get a extra mileage out of those messages your sending is by adding a little umph to your email signature. Yes, that little section of contact information that most people ignore.

WiseStamp is an email application for Tnet Mail that could change your perception of email signatures and turn yours into a marketing tool for you or your business. With WiseStamp, you can add  your latest Facebook post, a button to connect the recipient to your LinkedIn profile, a link to your blog, your photo or logo and more.

Getting Started

Open your Chrome or Firefox browser, and go to Click the Free Download button. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. Then, if you are using Firefox, restart your browser.

A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to begin your editing process. Click Start Now.


Enter your account information, then your signature details. Select a template next, and you will automatically enter the Wisestamp editor phase.


From this window, you can add buttons, social icons and IM icons to your email signature. You can also edit the template that you chose previously. Remember that the goal of adding information to your signature is to create interest and tie your email in with your other online resources. You don’t want to overwhelm the recipient.

Because WiseStamp works through your browser and not your Tnet Mail account, you will need to set up your signature on each computer and browser with which you plan to use it. Simply repeat this process on each computer and/or browser.

Editing Your WiseStamp

When you’ve finished creating your WiseStamp signature, go to your inbox and click the Compose button. From there, you can view your email signature as it will appear for your email recipients.


If you’re not quite satisfied with what you see, click the WiseStamp icon located in your email editing toolbar WiseStamp_Icon_64X64. A dropdown menu will appear from which you can select Edit WiseStamp. Another way to edit your signature without going into compose mode is by clicking on the WiseStamp icon located at the top right of your screen, above the settings button.

One Last Tip

If you don’t want to face the embarrassment of having two email signatures, you will need to delete your old one. Simply go into your Settings, scroll down to the Signature section and select No Signature.

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 4.44.48 PM

Now, you’re set to promote your business through every email that you send. To use more email add-ons like WiseStamp while accessing the support of Tranquility Internet, contact us about our webmail services.

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