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A T1 line, also known as a T-carrier, is a dedicated DSL business line that provides companies with solid upload speeds and extreme reliability.

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ADSL stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line and is a type of Internet connection that uses pre-existing copper phone lines to transmit data.

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This is a form of broadband Internet access that uses cable television infrastructure to transmit data digitally.

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Shielded Cable:

This refers to a network cable that is wrapped in a protective sheath to help guard the cable wires against electromagnetic leakage and interference.

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ISP: Terms to Know


ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. Your ISP is the company that provides your access to the Internet.

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BROADBAND: Terms to Know


This is basically a “catch-all” term for high-speed Internet.

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LATENCY: Terms to Know


This word is used when talking about the number of milliseconds it takes for data to travel from one location to another across a network.

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EMI: Terms to Know


EMI stands for Electromagetic Interference and is caused by electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic induction that is emitted by an outside source. This disruption affects the electrical circuit by obstructing and thus limiting the effectiveness of the circuit’s performance.

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BANDWIDTH: Terms to Know


This term refers to the amount of data that can be transferred between two points on a network in a given period of time; it is sometimes referred to as throughput.

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Boone County Fire Protection District: A Helping Hand.


In the early 60’s, just west of Columbia, there was a fire that claimed the house and life of an old woman. At the time, there was no official fire protection outside the city of Columbia, People were taking notice, and people wanted to help.

The Start of It All

It was a group of CB radio enthusiasts who endured the agony of the situation, unable to provide qualified help, and became determined to offer fire and rescue protection to the citizens outside the city limits. Pat Barnes, one of the founders of the Boone County Fire Protection District, was one of these CB enthusiasts. He gathered others and together they formed the Central Missouri Radio Squad, which later became the Boone County Volunteer Fire Department. In 1970, by a citizens’ vote, the Boone County Fire Protection District was officially formed. Read More »

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