Tranquility High Speed Wireless Internet FAQ

What is the modem range?

Up to 3 miles Non-Line-of-Sight, up to 5 miles Line-of-Sight. Terrain, foliage and building construction can affect performance and signal availability. Different modems have different ranges and sensitivities.

What type of computer do I need? What operating system do I need? What kind of network card do I need? Will it work on my Mac/Linux/FreeBSD/Amiga/DEC Alpha/Model T?

We can configure the system to for almost any computer that can work on the Internet.  If your computer supports WiFi, we can configure a bridge between WiMAX and WiFi for home or business installations (certain hardware restrictions may apply and some additional hardware may be needed).

How do I know I can get service in my area?

We have computer-modeled maps that predict reception quality with high accuracy. If you can’t get service where we predict, you can return your modem for a full refund.

Will WiMAX work with my PS3/Xbox/Wii/etc.?

WiMAX provides a network connection. We can configure the modem to work with almost any networked device. Additional fees may apply.

What is your service area?

Central Columbia and Ashland. Let us know where you live and we’ll see if you fall into our coverage area?

Are there data caps? Overage fees?

Yes, but they’re generous. Yes, but they’re reasonable.

I don’t want to pay a monthly fee for the modem. Can I buy it to save money?

The modem can only be used on the Full Stream network so direct sale is not beneficial as it can not be re-used elsewhere. We can offer a discount on the modem for prepayment of the rent.

Are there any usage policies?

Yes, we have an Acceptable Usage Policy

Will WiMAX work if there is a power outage?

Your modem will need power. The network has emergency power.

How long before service gets slow just like DSL/Cable?

You have a dedicated wireless connection that is not shared like other connection types. We monitor network usage carefully to insure you receive great performance. DSL and Cable are restricted by older wire and cable installations that can create bottlenecks in a neighborhood – not a problem for wireless.

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