Flat Branch Home Loans: Taking Internet and Design to the Next Level.

A Business on a Mission

Flat Branch Home Loans: Quality, full service, local.

Flat Branch Home Loans: Quality, full service, local.

The Flat Branch mission is clear: quality, impeccable, local, full service. A business aiming to be the best at every step of a home loan process, their goal is continuous improvement and growth.

Flat Branch opened in 2005,  and after two years of business Flat Branch consisted of 30 employees. Now employing 85 people, Flat Branch has nearly tripled in size, 40 of which were hired this year! In 2011, Inc. magazine listed Flat Branch one of the “Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies.”

Over the years, the Flat Branch services have expanded beyond standard fixed-rate mortgages to include FHA and VA loans.

In 2008, Flat Branch became completely local providing all lending, underwriting and funding locally. By staffing only the best customer service, processors and underwriters in the field, Flat Branch aims to provide excellent service and be the best at…everything!

In the near future Flat Branch will be opening a servicing center allowing customers to locally make payments.

Due to the current real estate market Flat Branch is busier than ever and continues to grow keeping their customer’s well-being in the forefront of their plan.

Internet That Holds Your Hand

As the oldest vendor of Flat Branch, Tranquility has provided internet service every step of the way. Starting first with DSL, then supplementing with wireless technology and now Flat Branch’s growth has surpassed even that connection!

Big businesses require big internet and Tranquility brought it: Metro Ethernet! With this fiber technology Flat Branch was able to move a majority of their loan software online and work at lightning speed.

When Metro Ethernet was introduced, prices were steep. Since that time, pricing has decreased making dedicated high speed internet more accessible, allowing growing businesses to stay competitive.

Included in the Metro Ethernet service level agreement it is stated: YOU WILL BE ONLINE. Period.

Growing substantially in such a short time, Flat Branch could not anticipate  continuously maxing out thier internet and Tranquility was there to hold their hand. “By not upgrading our connectivity we were losing over $18,000 a month,” says Jim Yankee, President.

Flat Branch’s growing pains extended to more than just thier internet connection: they had maxed out thier free Google Apps account and needed more than it could offer. Tranquility set up Google Aps for Business, basically Gmail on steroids, and provides local customer support at a phone call’s reach.

Flat Branch continues to work with Tranquility because in their experience, when calling, Tranquility answers. Anyone on the team is eager to help and willing to take time offering real answers and satisfactory solutions.

Creating a Personal Identity

Like good siblings, MayeCreate and Tranquility often share business with each other. When Flat Branch first approached MayeCreate about logos, there was already an idea waiting in the wings. The Flat Branch office is located near the original MKT Railroad Station and it seemed appropriate to incorporate history into the Flat Branch identity. Hence the original logo: a train.

The train served them well with business cards, letterhead, even coffee mugs! However, when developing a radio campaign, it proved difficult to avoid silly catch-phrases. “Ride on into Flat Branch.” “Bring your caboose into Flat Branch.” In 2010, after five years of utilizing the train, it was time to “accept the brutal fact of your current reality,” according to Jim. “The train no longer worked.”

Keeping the connection to Columbia and its nature, Flat Branch came to settle upon a new, fresh logo: a tree.

To Jim the tree “just made sense.”  It opened up a world of emblematic meaning and sound advertising. “Reach for the Branch” is proudly displayed on each side of the Flat Branch building.

When in the Flat Branch office, take note how each business card may have  differences such as one or two sides or maybe an employee picture. Flat Branch wanted to allow their employees to express their suggestions of individuality without sacrificing design cohesion.

Because of Flat Branch’s astounding growth rate, MayeCreate streamlined their business card ordering process. When a new business card is needed or an existing one needs to be changed, someone simply fills out an online  form, a MayeCreate designer plugs in the info  and the cards are printed and shipped!

Flat Branch is ever-growing and continues to reach for MayeCreate for all their advertising needs.

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