CoMo Massage Adapts a More “Tranquil” Environment

CoMo Massage Focuses on Mind and Body


Therapists at KeLani Wellness Spa: (left to right) Samantha, Alison, and Andrea

CoMo Massage at KeLani Wellness Spa strives to provide its clients with a therapeutic massage in a day spa atmosphere. Alison Sower, founder of CoMo Massage, started her career in 2009 after she fell in love with the calming atmosphere of massage.

CoMo Massage stands for not just Columbia, Missouri, but also Combined Modalities. Sower focuses her therapy on the health benefits of massage to maximize the therapeutic payoff for her customers.

Sower often wonders what the world would be like if everyone just had a massage. You could say this idea became one of the motives behind moving CoMo Massage to the former KeLani Wellness Spa building on East Walnut Street. Because of the increased space, Sower and the other therapists of KeLani Wellness Spa are now able to ensure that more customers experience the relaxation of mind and body through massage.

Convenience at Work

CoMo Massage specializes in working on precise muscle areas, so their customers receive the most beneficial experience possible. In the same way, Tranquility wanted to give CoMo Massage the internet service they needed for their specific business.

Sower desired fast internet for CoMo Massage, but not the cost or hassle that is often associated with internet packages for businesses. Tranquility was able to offer her high-speed service at a very justifiable price.

Alison also appreciated the thought of working with a local company with personal service. She was amazed at how easily she could now make appointments, manage her calendar, and run credit cards. Tranquility Internet Services essentially eliminated the “dial-up days” from her daily business operations.

Interested in Internet for Your Business?

Is your business looking for an internet solution that can satisfy all of your needs? To talk to a real tech guy, not some machine, call today and ask about Tranquility Internet services.

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