Select the Best High-Speed Internet Option for You.

At Tranquility, we know you want Internet. You want it fast. And you want it to work specifically for you. All of our high-speed Internet options come with a reliable support system, but not all are created equal. Check out all of our options to see which one best fits your needs.


ADSL provides Internet connection over the phone line without crowding out your phone services like dial-up used to. Consider ADSL if:

  • You don’t want to give up your voice services…and never will! You simply love your telephone that mu ch. Or you have other services that wi ll not function without voice services, including fax machines, vending machines, monitored alarms, dial security cameras, digital pay TV, EFTPOS machines for processing payments or back to base VPN dialers.
  • You want to graduate from dial-up (finally).ADSL splits your phone line into two different channels. This lets you use the phone and the Internet at the same time. Dial-up is less expe nsive, but it’s slower and less convenient.

Naked DSL

If you no longer have a need for voice services, then it may be time to go naked. Naked DSL provides connection over the phone lines, but no phone services are provided (except 911). Consider Naked DSL if:

  • You have a phone line, but no longer need voice services. Naked DSL operates on your old phone line, but voice services are no longer available. This type of DSL is perfect for residential locations looking to get rid of their home phone.
  • You want to save some money. When you switch to naked DSL, you stop paying the monthly rental fee on your phone line. Because you are just using the line for Internet, not voice services, you’re wallet will feel a little heavier every month.
  • You’re in the right location. Our service area for naked DSL is expanding, but can’t be accessed everywhere. Fill out our services e-mail form to see if you’re in the right location.

Flex Wireless Broadband

Flex Wireless Broadband is the newest wireless Internet service provided by Tranquility. It transmits the Internet over the airwaves. You read that right, the airwaves. Consider Flex Wireless Broadband if:

  • You don’t yet have a phone line, and would rather not get one. Perhaps you’re new to the area. Maybe you have commitment issues. Either way, Flex Wireless Broadband allows you some flexibility if you decide to relocate within Columbia or don’t want to invest in the phone line associate with regular DSL.
  • You want more bang for your buck. And you want that buck to be smaller. With Flex Wireless Broadband, you won’t need cable or a phone line to access the Internet. That means less bills and more money in the bank.
  • You’re a mover and shaker, but mostly a mover. If your days lead you all over Columbia or Ashland, Flex Wireless Broadband will travel with you. Go ahead and frolic in the park with your electronic device of choice. We know you want to, and you can access the Internet while you do so.
  • You’re in the right location. Unfortunately, Flex Wireless Broadband can’t be accessed everywhere. We currently have three towers in Columbia and Ashland. Look at our service map or fill out our services e-mail form to see if you’re in the right location.

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