Wireless and Your Health.

mobile devices 2New technology always has its naysayers. With the rapidly growing amount of wireless technology available, many people fear what it could be doing to their health.

Mobile and wireless devices emit radiation – that’s a scientific fact. What we don’t know is how much radiation our bodies are receiving from this technology.

What the Experts Have to Say

On one hand, some scientists claim to have found evidence saying wireless devices are harmful, but on the other hand it’s harder to find evidence saying something isn’t harmful. You’d be trying to prove that something doesn’t exist, which is harder than proving that something does. The World Health Organization has concluded that there isn’t enough evidence to confirm these health fears.

Where Wireless Internet Fits Into the Equation

You may be interested in knowing that WiFi radiation is similar to TV and radio levels. It’s been estimated that you receive more radiation from a 20-minute conversation on your cell phone than from a year’s worth of WiFi. This is because the cellphone is held close to your head.

Still Worried?

If history proves itself repetitive, all this fear mongering will certainly be in vane. After all, President Benjamin Harrison finally got over his fear of electricution by the first light bulbs in the White House, and parents no longer report that radios are causing their children to wake up screaming because of nightmares.

If you are still worried about radiation from wireless devices, however, we have some tips that may help you avoid high levels:

  1. Talk on speaker to keep the phone away from your hands and head.
  2. Limit your cell phone conversation time.
  3. Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body.
  4. Purchase a cell phone headset with a ferrite bead, which reduces electrical noise emanating from cords or cables.
  5. Keep your wireless internet router 6-10 feet away from your office or other highly frequented areas of your home.
  6. Turn off your wireless internet router each night.
  7. Avoid baby monitors or cordless phones labeled DECT or Gigahertz, which emit a signal similar to cell phones.
  8. Hire a professional to test your home for levels of radiation from EMFs.

People adopt new technology in four distinct phases outlined by Slate writer Brian David Johnson:

Stage 1. It will kill us all!

Stage 2. It will steal my daughter!

Stage 3. I’ll never use it!

and finally, Stage 4. What are you going on about?

If you’re at Stage 4, call us at 573-443-5803 to learn about the wireless Internet offered at Tranquility.

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