Gmail Gets a Makeover.

Gmail has updated its look. The modern design provides a cleaner, easier interface. Users can switch from the old look now, or they can wait for Google to do so for them. If you think you are ready for change, the option to “Switch to the new look” will appear in either the upper or lower right corner of your screen.

Here are six new features that we are excited about:

1. Mail and Contacts and Tasks Button

It’s a mouthful, but Google has decided to include all three of these features into a single pull-down button. With the old interface, they were easy to lose. The space made available by placing them in a pull-down menu has allowed them to stick out, dressed up in a big, red font.

2. Use Those Arrow Keys!

If you are searching for the Delete, Archive or Spam buttons at the bottom of your opened email, they are no longer there. If you miss them, look up! These buttons will remain at the top of your opened email as you scroll down to read. In the new Gmail, the top menu and left side menu remain stationary.

3. More Useful Important Buttons and More Important Star Buttons

Google has cleaned up its messy, hard-to-control important and star buttons. Now, you can mark your emails as important by clicking on the important symbol next to the email in your inbox. Similarly, you can star the email by clicking on the star symbol next to the email in your inbox. Or, you can open the email and click the star symbol in its new home next to the reply button.

4. Amped Up Search Bar

Your new search bar could take some getting used to, but we think it’s a positive change, kind of like transitioning from a Camry made in the 80s to a brand new Lexus. When you type a word or phrase into your search bar, suggestions will begin to appear below. To the right of each suggestion, you will see a “search mail” option or “search the web” option. You can choose either accordingly, or you can simply search your mail by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the search bar. Click on the expansion arrow inside the search bar for more options on how to customize your search.

5. More Breathing Room, Less Clutter

The very first thing you may have noticed when switching over to the new Gmail is the lack of clutter. Graphics and lines have been replaced by white space. Hidden under the settings button in the upper right corner of the screen, is a Display Density option. By changing your Display Density from Comfortable to Cozy to Compact, your inbox will transition from more white space to less. Be careful, though, because playing with this option can become sickly addictive. If you aren’t a fan of white space, you can check out Gmail’s updated themes (accessible by clicking on your settings button) and change the color or texture of your space.

6. Icon Happy

Another way Google has created a clutter-free interface is by replacing text with icons. They’re everywhere! We’ve already told you about the magnifying glass next to the search bar and you’re sure to have encountered the new icons for the Delete, Archive and Spam buttons. Whenever you open an email or contact, you will see an entire row of icons at the top of your screen. Don’t miss the little chat icon at the lower left corner of your screen!

If this sounds like an interface that you would like to try, Tranquility is an Authorized Google Apps Reseller. Give us a call, and we will set you up with a Google account that offers tech support at a cost of only $2 a month.

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