High Speed Internet: A perfect make and model for every family.

Stream movies and music, Skype grandma, transfer files, upload photos, check emails, game with friends and browse the net faster than ever before!

Tranquility Wireless High Speed Internet

Transmitted through the air using 4G technology, Tranquility Wireless High Speed Internet is available in Columbia and Ashland.
No phone line needed, just fast internet.
  • Download speeds up to 50M
  • Upload speeds up to 10M
Starting at

Plus device fee, starting at $6.00 per mo.*
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Naked DSL

This simple connection runs over your phone line with no dial tone required. Cut the costs of local phone service and still keep your fast, dedicated connection!
  • Download speeds up to 20M
  • Upload speeds up to 1M
Starting at

Plus device fee, $50 onetime fee or lease for $5 per month.*
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*Set up or installation fees may apply.