T1 & Ethernet: Heavy machinery to keep your business working.

Equipment at auction prices.

If you’ve got a T1 or Ethernet line chances are you know what they cost and why you need it. What you don’t know is we have the ability to compete on price and blow away the internet service of even our regional competitors. You owe it to your bottom line to give us a call and talk tech-an-ese, 573-443-3983.

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T1 – Fractional to Full

Fast internet service beyond the borders of ADSL, T1 lines can give you an extremely reliable, flexible, high-speed Internet. Twin upload and download speeds clear up traffic jams while varying T1 lines can provide internet service speeds specifically tailored for your business.
  • Up to 1.5M down
  • Up to 1.5M up
  • Guaranteed 99% uptime
  • Ideal for on site servers
  • Great for in house server hosting
  • Same upload and download speeds, so your connection won’t get bogged down
  • Can be installed anywhere
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If your business demands high speed, redundant Internet service and the ability to connect two or more locations, then our Ethernet access is the solution.
  • 3Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Connect two or more locations
  • Internet service scalability
  • Built-in redundancy
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