Our Friends at Learning Insights Need Your Votes!

We met the leaders of Learning Insights at the 2010 Jefferson City Micro Business Expo. They are a very fun group working for a worthy cause. Currently they’re in a contest sponsored by the Pepsi Refresh program seeking funding to obtain the following goals:

  1. To improve our website by adding videos for screeners, tutors, parents, and pre-school teachers so everyone understands the simple, yet specific things that can be done to help students develop their vision skills.
  2. Analyze the data we’ve collect over the five years of the program to validate the great work our schools are doing, help us improve the program and to give us the information new schools need to implement the program.

Pepsi Refresh program gives 1.3 million dollars away each month and it is all done by votes from across the United States. To vote you need to:

  1. Visit:
  2. Click “Vote for this Idea”
  3. If you’re not already registered you’ll need to sign up using your facebook login or email address
  4. Once your signed in click “Vote for this Idea” to VOTE!
  5. Go back and vote again tomorrow!

You can also “Text* 103136 to Pepsi (73774) each day for an additional vote.

Don’t worry about the ranking that you see, it doesn’t mean anything until the middle of the month. Your vote will help us to rank in the top ten at that time. You can register and vote with any e-mail address.

This grant will be a tremendous help for the program so please vote every day and send this along to your family and friends that want to help children have good vision skills.

For more information contact:

Michael Flynn
Executive Director
Learning Insights

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