Business Internet: Full fleet ahead.

A full fleet of options

Don’t consider us just your internet provider, but your internet engine taking you from start to finish in the most efficient, direct route possible. Because business without a reliable internet provider is a car without an engine…going nowhere fast.

Carrier Grade Internet

T1 Ethernet

You don’t have to know what kind of internet you need.

We help you with that. We’re an internet provider that speaks Tech-an-ese and English so you don’t have to know both. Give us a call and we’ll give you the information you need to test drive and decide.


Web Design

Our sister company, MayeCreate has got her pride on. MayeCreate started as an arm of Tranquility in 2003 and has grown to a division of her own. These web savvy folks will knock your socks off with their amazing design and spot on functionality.
Don’t contact the MayeCreate creative team until you’re ready for a real web presence, step it up and get your pride on.
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